Fire alarms are installed complete with the signal-protective alarms , local and engeneering systems of buildings for alert , fire prevention , smoke evacuation , access control etc.
Having permission of the Ministry of Interior with registration number P-3/15.07.2013 "Metal Security group"Ltd offers services of operation of fire preventive devices and equipment - maintenance and service of fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, systems for control the smoke and heat and fireplugs and the territory of Gabrovo Municipality.
By the fire alarm systems and the technical devices can be received , processed and transmitted information in case of a fire in the secured sites/objects/buildings. Because of its specific characteristics the fire alarm systems are suitable and recommended for use in any kinds of sites/buildings. They have modern design, easy control and surveilnace of the events and no work refusal.For its clients the company develops and chooses the best modern equipment that provides reliable fire safety, simplicity of operation and maintenance. The systems are characterized   with its low cost and high quality.
"Metal Security Group"Ltd has a long-term relationship  and collaborates with reputed manufacturers and suppliers fire alarm technique such as Teletek Electronics etc. The company is certified as an approved partner in distribution of fire alarm systems on the territory of Gabrovo municipality and on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
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