The professional team of "Metal Security Group"Ltd offers professional physical protection of sites/objects/buildings which includes organization and conduction of a complex events for securing the material valuables and the people who are situated into the secured site - facories, retail facilities, hotels, public works, banks, private home , appratments, guest houses etc.
public order within the protected premises and adjacent areas
documental and face control of the servants/workers,clients,visitors of the secured site/object/building
dotour on site with regular view of the hard to reach areas
preventing attempts of theft of valuables , but also for unauthorized export of documents and property in the territory of  the protected site/object/building
technical enclosure of the site - video surveilance , access control etc.

Preliminary Events :

Security monitoring - monitoring the site and risk assessment which is important  for evaluating the needed and optimal security organization of that site/object/building.
2.Development of a security concept - preparation and recommendations related to the technical enclosure of the site.
3.Creating the necessary work documentation , which regulates the border crossing regime , security`s work and control for following the security requirements for security the site/object/building. After signing a contract  with us , "Metal Security Group"Ltd prepares instructions for the border crossing regimeaccording to the specifics of the site/object/building , which are consistent with the management of the relevant company, Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and the Internal Rules (procedures) of the relevant site/object/building.
4.Organization of the physical security officers work in accordance with the Law for private security .

Subsequent Events :

1.Ensure security of sites by using trained security guards according to site specifics, use of technical devices , connection devices , firearms and auxiliary equipment .
2.Collection , processing and analyzing the information that has a relation to the requirements for protection the site/object/building.
3.Control in performing the security guards work duties. "Metal Security Group"Ltd has its own modified systems for control the personnel - video surveilance , butons "Freshness" etc.
4.A possibility for 24-hour organizing of additional strength and resources (armed auto-patrol teams , police forces ) for solving sudden accident critical situations.
5.Choose of a Representative of "Metal Security Group"Ltd ( security manager of a team) involved in solving the current issues.

Advantages of the physical protection of sites/objects/buildings in "Metal Security group"Ltd:

"Metal Security group" Ltd shall be liable up to 30 000 lv. in case of an occured damage
Use of technical equipment/devices , connection devices, firearms and auxiliary equipment
Modified systems for control the personnel - video surveilance , buttons "Freshness" etc.
A possibility of using the "Panic Button" in case is needed and a response of the special trained auto-patrol teams
"Metal Security Group" Ltd pays for for the trainings of its security teams and security workers by using the international experience of International Center for Special Training in Protection and Security Alfa-Metal Ltd / part of Metal Security Group Ltd/ for the obligatory guard training programs and also takes the responsibility to organize annual re-training courses.

All the servants that work with us who perform security activities have obligatory unifirm that they wear as well as the company initial marks.
   Each security guard signs a declaration for loyalty and confidentiality related to problems with the secured sites.

" METAL SECURITY GROUP " Ltd offers to its customers additional and free :
Conducting security monitoring , risk assessment and determination to the degree of protection
Preparation of instructions for the usage of technical resources related to security / alarm - security equipment , Panic - Button , CCTV , fire-alarm /
Check of the reliability of the existing security systems / if any /
Development of Guidelines for the organization of an integrated security system
Installation and integration of alarm - security systems to the centralized system of " METAL SECURITY GROUP " LTD.
Servicing of the embedded material equipment within the duration of the contract.
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