"METAL SECURITY GROUP LTD" is a representative of  GPS Hunter  - modern system for a complete solution for the management and control of the vehicle fleet. The system includes monitoring, surveillance and security in real time.The system includes monitoring , surveillance and security in real time as well as vehicles and other moving or stationary objects . Designed for customers with different types of activities needing follow-up in the real time and record routes and optimizing the cost of repairs and maintenance , fuel, time , etc. . The software is an integrated multi-user system for controlling access to information , allowing simultaneous monitoring of an unlimited number of users in real time over a local network and from remote locations.
System GPS Hunter is able to be built entirely on customer requirements and elaborated depending on the specific needs of the client.

WEB GPS system for tracking  in real time around the world is available at its the lowest prices in Bulgaria . Through the WEB GPS customers very easily and quickly access their sites for monitoring and tracking . It is based on WEB technology allows without installing any additional software , just by using your Internet browser to have control over your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Simply enter your username and password to be able to manage and track all your sites. All new clients are offered a demonstration and introduction to WEB GPS system by clicking here. To log in, click Login DEMO.

GPS Hunter Pro is a professional monitoring system and  vehicle fleet management system . It is designed to cover the entire spectrum of surveillance , monitoring , control and optimization of costs in a car fleet.  The possibility for filing  maintenancem logs, tracking warranties , spare parts , insurance , documents relating to vehicles , notification for expiring maintenance is analytical monitoring of fuel in vehicles summaries of expenditures it possible to monitor a driver summaries in excess of the speed , and a wide range of queries and reports.

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