"Metal Security Group"Ltd offers services in design , provision , building , installation , programing and commissioning video alarm systems for public works, hotels , production facilities , offices , retail facilites , appartments etc. The alarm systems we use are certified and meet the European standards.
Use of alarm systems is a preventive measure against malicious access to areas/parts of the site/building by using detection movement techniqeus in the secured sites/building, detection of intrusion from the periphery of the site by security glass areas, doors, light walls etc. After completion the registered signals are forwarded to an organization for centralized monitoring for measures.
The company`s highly qualified technical teams have long-term experience in the sphere of security alarm systems. Our specialists design individual projects that meet your requirements , financial resources and needs so that you can protect your property , your interests and yourselves on a mamimum extent.

After the construction of alarm system reliased "Metal Security group"Ltd offers its clients warranty and after sales service. The systems meet all the requirements according to the European standards.
"Metal Security Group"Ltd has a long-term relationship  and collaborates with reputed manufacturers and suppliers of security alarm systems  technique such as Teletek Electronics etc. The company is certified as an approved partner in distribution of alarm systems on the territory of Gabrovo municipality and on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
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