METAL SECURITY GROUP LTD offers Close Protection to its clients that includes, organization and conduction of complex activities, regarding providing security to everyone who in need thereof: celebrities, big entrepreneurs, politicians, individuals and their families. Ensuring the security of the individual passes in close cooperation with the authorities

Preliminary events:

1.Gathering information on possible threats to life and health of the client and his close circle.
2.Develop concepts, preventive measures and recommendations to ensure the safety of the client
3.Organizing the work of the security guards

Subsequent events:

Protection in case of emergency situations occurring with the client.
Protection from illegal encroachment.
Ability for 24 hour attraction of additional forces and resources to resolve the sudden crisis.
4.Designated representative of "METAL SECURITY GROUP" (head of security), to look after any current issues.

"METAL SECURITY GROUP" LTD. employs a team of professionals with experience in personal security. The employees are well trained psychologically and physically, having experience in international missions to the UN and NATO and successfully completed specialized training for VIP security in the internationally recognized training center for special training in protection and security ICSTPS "ALFA - METAL" LTD. Each guard fully meet current international standards for training and personnel selection.

" METAL SECURITY GROUP " LTD guarantees a high level of responsibility and discretion in the implementation of commitments and conditions to the customer. Each security guard of  "METAL SECURITY GROUP " has gone through a multilevel selection and background check . The choice of such a security guard position is determined by considerations of security and protection of the customer
" METAL SECURITY GROUP " Ltd. is rightfully proud of each of his bodyguards , repeatedly proved their professionalism , selfless behavior , ability to analyze and make the right decisions in extreme circumstances.
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